The Swiss multinational OETIKER, which specializes in the manufacture of clamps, has decided to rely on IOVI to incorporate our intelligent vision systems into its processes.


OETIKER has decided to trust on us in its commitment to industry 4.0. Through intelligent vision algorithms, IOVI incorporates great reliability to industrial processes and assures the quality of its clamps, the main claim of the multinational.

In 1942, OETIKER patented the first ear clamp, an indispensable element in the automotive industry. Today it is a multinational with 14 factories on 4 continents and an annual turnover of 500.000.000 euros. 

In Spain, OETIKER is based in El Puerto de Santa María, where it employs 120 workers. From there, the factory exports its product to Europe and South America. Among its costumers are the PSA group or Volkswagen, as well as large suppliers to the automotive industry such as GKN. 

In IOVI we are very proud that OETIKER trust on our work, as we strive every day to provide solutions and improvements to industrial processes, so that artificial intelligence will be a benefit to society.

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