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  • “Artificial intelligence (AI):
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    "Machine Learning algorithms:
    How do we create computer programs that improve with experience?” Tom Mitchell

What We Do

Optical Design

We work with high performance components (lens, filters, illumination and sensors), with high-end brands and the latest technologies, to adjust the optical design to your need (Photonfocus, Jai, Basler, Dalsa, Fujinon, Schneider,...)

Image Processing

We develop with open source software (OpenCV C ++, EmguCV C #, Point Cloud Library, CUDA, DLib). We work with new techniques for inspection and classification by SVM / CNN with Bow model for intelligent classification software. Machine learning with self-learning neural network technology and deep learning

3D Vision

At present, there is a growing need to extend the quality control of the 2D inspection to 3D vision, aware of this evolution of market needs, InesOptics bet on the development of new products based on 3D vision technologies

Hyperspectral vision

The hyperspectral artificial vision extends our spectrum from inspection of the visible to the infrared and ultraviolet and allows us to extract features not detectable with the human eye, which greatly amplifies the potentiality of these systems in the quality control of all type of products

Embedded systems

In a continuous search of the improvement of our products we are working in the adaptation of our systems to the new possibilities that the new embedded hardware offers us


Our commitment and involvement with the customer is total, we understand the uniqueness of the adjustment and start-up of these equipments, so we are strongly committed to the integration, start-up and after-sales support

Our Awesome Works

  • IO Quality Inspection

    Machine vision system for the detection of defects on parts (plastic, glass, metal,...) in production lines with high accuracy, rightness, speed and robustness
  • IO Bin Picking

    Image processing application for 3D Vision Guided Robotics that allows determining with high precision the position and orientation of any object in the space
  • IO 3D Vision Systems

    Research and development of applications taking advantage of new 3D camera technologies (stereovision, structured light, laser triangulation and time-of-flight)
  • IO Polariscope

    Polariscope Instrument based on artificial vision for the measurement of residual stress in transparent materials (glass and plastic) for quality control
  • IO Stereoscopic 3D Vision System

    Development and integration of a stereo vision system for the coordinate and orientation acquisition, to transfer these 3D object data to a robotized production line
  • IO Tracking Activity

    Development of tracking algorithms that based on the detection of characteristics algorithms, follow the multiple objects quickly and efficiently in the following frames
  • IO Machine Learning

    R+D in Machine Learning, Deep Learnig and Neural Networks algorithms and its application in the image processing for intelligent artificial vision systems.
  • IO Hyperspectral solutions

    Development and integration of a multispectral vision system (matching both visible and near infrared spectral data) for the quality and ripeness classification on fruits
  • IO Reflectivity Measurements

    Implementation of a reflectivity measurement test method for solar concentration mirrors using spectrometry according to the CIE recommendations and DIN 5036 norm

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InesOptics Advantages


The main advantage of InesOptics against its competitors is the flexibility of its systems to adapt them to the needs of the customer

Custom software development and optical design

Only the right image processing system allows you to capture the right inspection characteristics of the application with the required accuracy. It is especially worthwhile to make a good choice! It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to the light and its interactions with material and camera.


We offer the customer the option of 24/7 remote support for technical support and updates.


We only work with high performance components, with high-end brands and the latest technologies. The image produced is the basis for all further software evaluations. Therefore it is worthwhile to optimise the image as much as possible by using reasonable hardware.


We develop our applications based on free software libraries (OpenCV C ++, EmguCV C#, Point Cloud Library, OpenGL,...) and SDK provided by the hardware manufacture.

About Our Team

We are a diverse group of engineers, with computer vision specialization. Love working on hard problems and applying pragmatics solutions, combining great team, agile methodology and world leading technology


We have extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of development and integration of machine vision systems, both hadrware and software components.

    C++ OpenCV, C# EmguCV, Matlab and MvTec Halcon95%

    Stereovision, Structured Light, Laser Triangulation and Time-of-Flight80%

    UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR systems70%

    Lenses, filters and lighting systems95%

    ROS Knowledges and communications with Yaskawa/Motoman and Fanuc75%

    Visual C++, Visual C#, QT80%

    Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Techniques50%


    Multithreading programming and GPU acceleration

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New Ideas...for Success
I Never Think of the Future. It Comes Soon Enough.Albert Einstein

Steps in Our Works

We have implemented in our team development tools for agile methodology

Collect Ideas

Always in contact with our clients to know their needs to create ideas.


Comprehensive analysis of specifications to provide the best solution.

Magic Touch

With our knowledge base, constant effort and efficient work ... we achieve the magic.

Finalize Product

Integration of the final product with tests agreed with the customer.

We work with the best brands

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